The Un-Stuck Program

The Un-Stuck Program
...and Performance Pak Installations

This Maximum Performance Brain Training Package is a step-by-step guide to help you identify and change the negative beliefs that are blocking your potential for Happiness, Wholeheartedness, and Success.

When events occur in our lives our brains are busy making connections and forming conclusions outside of our awareness. Sometimes we don’t have all the information we need to come to logical conclusions about those events so naturally we fill in the gap. Unfortunately, it is what we fill those gaps with that become our beliefs and it is those beliefs that are controlling our lives as we become stuck in survival mode.

It is because of this that most people don’t realize they have learned how to survive but they have never learned how to live.


1. Core Training Modules

You will begin with the UnStuck Core Module Training Audios which includes 3 Hours of  Power Coaching and....

The MOST Critical Information YOU NEED TO KNOW for Re-Training Your BRAIN! This begins the 1st phase of your Brain Training.

($599 VALUE) 

2. Core Training Worksheets and Video Tutorials 

Next you will begin your Un-Stuck Core Training worksheets and audio tutorials. Together, we walk through a guided tutorial with brain priming exercises to tap into your subconscious mind to help you examine meaningful events in your life and the beliefs that formed as a result. This provides you powerful insight as to what beliefs are keeping you stuck in survival mode today as I teach you cutting edge techniques that will allow you to measure the validity of your beliefs by measure of the charge it holds.

The Unstuck Core Training Worksheets and Audio Tutorials are the 2nd phase of your training and prepares you to begin your Un-Stuck Audio Installations.

($599 VALUE)

3. UnStuck Prep Installations

Now you will begin your Un-Stuck Installations which include 24 Powerful Person and Powerful Business installations which include bi-lateral tones based on the concept of EMDR and tailored to track current challenges in your life and the core beliefs behind them. This is the 3rd phase of you're training and will support  you to remove neurological BLOCKS and Re-write new “Belief Blueprints” using your brain training audio installations.

These are easy to follow steps and techniques to fit every person and every brain.

Powerful Person Performance Pak
Here you will tap into the Strength reservoirs of your brain to form new neural networks that align with the beliefs you prefer to design your life.

These 12 Customized Power Person Performance Installations include hours of guided self-customized Brain-Training treatments with bi-lateral tones designed to activate the limbic system part of the brain. This process activates your sub-conscious mind to remove neurological BLOCKS, cultivate new neural networks and create NEW “Belief Blueprints.” 

Each installation prompts new positive beliefs to form that become part of your brain’s natural repertoire.

($799 VALUE)

Your Powerful Person Performance Pak includes:


When you learn to control your “brain” you will begin to do things that are part of a guideline in which YOU write so stepping outside of your current beliefs guideline feels natural rather than forced.

And I’ve made this simple so you don’t have to do a thing. Just listen and go!

Powerful Business Performance Pak

Your Next installation phase of training will help you conquer those Beliefs directly impacting your business with 12 Customized “Powerful Business” Performance Installations.

Your Powerful Business installations also include

the bi-lateral tones designed to activate the limbic system to give you the competitive edge crucial to taking your business to the next level.

($799 VALUE)

Your Powerful Business Performance Pak includes:

  • Perceptive
  • Willing
  • Approachable
  • Calm
  • Hopeful
  • Independent
  • Intuitive
  • Optimistic
  • Organized
  • Persuasive
  • Prepared
  • Rational

These are carefully selected installations to directly impact your business relationships

Armor yourself with the beliefs of the Uber Successful!


Each of your 24 installations are to help you to subconsciously change negative beliefs to new positive forces in your life.

Once you have gone through the Un-Stuck Program your current responses begin to change as you associate the newly identified Core Beliefs to the way you are living your life today. What you will uncover is Mind-Blowing!

The unconscious part of your brain controls up to 98% of all your thoughts, feelings and actions! 

This brain training treatment makes everything else work!

I have personally tailored this treatment program that has already helped thousands of people just like you and valued at almost $3,000.

The entire program is the equivalence of twenty sessions worth of individual treatment and training that is exclusive to highly trained clinicians that charge expert fees.

But now you can have your very own therapist in your back pocket that you can refer to 24 hours a day!

THIS is YOU'RE starting place!

How to use your Un-Stuck Program and Performance Pak Kits:

1) Begin your workbook exercises identifying your challenging events, struggles or blocks.

2) As you continue to identify your challenges and blocks you will determine the negative Core Belief that fits with each challenge or block.

3) Based on the Negative Belief and the event or challenge you will then determine which Performance Pak Installation will best support your ability to overcome and work through that Negative Belief.

For example: If your Negative Belief is “I can’t trust my judgement” you may choose the Performance Pak Installation of “Clarity”.

If your Negative Belief is “I’m not smart enough” you may choose the Performance Pak installation of “Confidence”.

If your Negative Belief is “I can’t Trust” you may choose the Performance Pak installation of “Intuition”.

If your Negative Belief is “Im not in Control” you may choose the Performance Pak installation of “Power”.

The Installation you choose will vary from person to person based on what you think would help you best. There is no right or wrong match.

4) As you choose your installation you will be asked to come up with a future challenging event and a Positive belief you would like to believe in that challenging event. Your positive belief will counteract the Negative Belief to which you are currently working from.

Breaking mental blocks requires priming the brain and accessing the parts that hold distorted beliefs then moving forward to change them using the audio technology and Bi-lateral tones.

And to do this is POSSIBLE!

And I’m so confident that you will experience the same transformation that so many others have had that I guarantee you will notice the change or your money back!

Order today for the exclusive price of $897 and experience what most refer to as a transformation and Life Changing!


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It’s time to start LIVING! 



Installations Rationale:

The brain will process information on its own. But sometimes information just gets stuck. But by using the guided tutorial combined with the bilateral tones the stuck information can be dislodged allowing the stuck information to now be processed more effectively.

This is NOT EMDR rather based on the concept of EMDR. It holds to ethical standards by focusing on the FUTURE event. However, should disturbing material come up follow the halt commands and just note it. These will be targets for an actual EMDR session should you choose to schedule one with an EMDR therapist in your area.

This program is designed to RE- train your brain to think OUTSIDE of your “Belief Guidelines” without having to learn and apply techniques and tools that many forget or don’t maintain. Just allow the technology and customized structure of the audio to create NEW “belief blueprints.”

When you learn to control your “brain” you will begin to do things that are part of a powerful self defined guideline.

The UnStuck Program

$897.00 USD