Emily Droese

“I did the installation of Confidence last night. Taking it nice and slow and allowing my brain to take in the new information! I had a sense of great feelings in my body. ALSO, I realized in the past 2 months I have been doing that are SO simple BUT I never had the confidence to DO THEM and now its with ease.”

Chalene Johnson

“She's the best. Period. She won't let u off the hook.Her gift isGod given and her results speak for themselves.”

Jimmy Hays Nelson

“I just have to brag on Dr Mcayla Sarno for a minute. Having this experience even after a year of being in a Coaching group - I was highly 'encouraged' to put this into action. --- I can't even begin to describe the shift in me after a 5 day intensive with Dr Mcayla. I truly struggled with where I found my value ... I had a negative belief of 'I Can't Win' ... and in 5 amazing days with Dr Mcayla my mantra of 'ICan Win' isn't just lip service - but has shown up in so many areas of my life. Thank You Dr Mcayla. And for those of you on the fence ...Go do an intensive! Your world can literally change overnight! You Have Value!”

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