End Emotional Eating

 Ending the Battle of Emotional Eating is a Matter of
Re-Wiring the Brain!

Did you know you are wired to maintain emotional eating behaviors? And you cannot help but to be guided to this source of comfort and nurturing.

Yet, you beat yourself up each time you fail to step outside of the very strict guidelines your belief system has already become programmed to follow leaving you feeling even more discouraged to change this pattern in your life.

But to change this wiring is POSSIBLE!

More and more people are living life on a diet and continuing to struggle to maintain healthy eating behaviors despite their numerous attempts and good intentions to overcome it. But to overcome this battle is possible!

And here’s why, your response to food, weight and body image is not a habit, nor a lack of willpower rather a defense mechanism programmed within a certain region of your brain. 

And to change this programming requires an entirely new approach to End Emotional Eating that’s based on Neuroscience and Psychology with a focus on Re-Wiring the Brain.

This is POWERFUL stuff!

As a licensed Psychotherapist, EMDR Specialist, and Brain Training & MindSet Expert, I’ve had many years of hands on experience treating Emotional Eating Behaviors. I also know how important the role your Brain plays in overcoming this battle with food, weight, and body image issues.  But the solution requires a simple approach very different from the one you’ve been using.

This is that shift you’ve been waiting for!


Most people will use behavioral techniques to end the battle of Emotional Eating yet Emotional Eating happens quickly much like an automatic response. Since you cannot behave your way out of an automatic response the approach should focus on the way your brain’s been programmed to reach for food for comfort and nurturing.

You need a better Solution!

But a solution that will put you in control and without ever feeling a loss or deprived. My approach will instead feel like a Gain. 

In this Groundbreaking Approach you will discover a simple 3 Part step by step process that will ensure:

  • Gain Control over Cravings
  • Gain Control over your Life
  • Boost Your Self-Esteem
  • Increase your Confidence 
  • Learn How To Stop Your Binge, Sugar, Or Food Addiction
  • Fit Into The Clothes You love
  • Learn How To Love Yourself Again 

I’ll show you the scientific process to re-train your brain and reshape your body/self image from the inside out.

This Is Your Solution!

I believe growth and success doesn’t just happen in session, it happens in the world. You deserve the same techniques as those who have gained a life free of body image and weight constraints .

  • Eliminate Life Restraints
  • Eliminate Shame
  • Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
  • Eliminate Obstacles

...and replace with a powerful new vision for your life, with the self-image, beliefs, habits and results to Overcome Emotional Eating and make Exceptional Life Success and your new reality.

Make today THE DAY you take your life back!


Here from a few of those living the success over Emotional Eating:

Today I'm going to bed for the first time this week without binge eating. I no longer need to "fill" myself up and strangely my hand drawn photo of my younger self was the reason. Thank you for the course that helped me take steps in the right direction for once!
T. C.

Thank you so much Dr Mcayla! Very helpful! That great content will help me....And as Personal Trainer it can help my clients as well.

"Dr Mcayla, I weighed myself this morning and have lost 4 pounds since Thursday. I am an emotional over eater I have decided. I love to cook and I love to eat delicious food. We eat clean but way too much. The food isn't leaving the planet so if you want a snack have it in an hour. Bam it worked!"
C. H.

I have had two days to use this; it really does work! Thank you so much for caring enough to share this with us! It is worth more than gold!

Join me and End Emotional Eating today!
Individual results vary.

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