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 Changing wired in habits requires re-wiring of the brain!   

And as an EMDR Specialist, Licensed Clinician and Brain Training and Mindset Expert I can tell you this is possible for anyone to do! Because everyone deserves to experience life from a place of power and free from the mental constraints that hold most people back from reaching their full potential but this requires Brain Work!

This is your invitation to join me InSession today!

Most people will spend their entire lives trying to overcome their anxiety, increase their confidence, and eliminate the self doubt and second guessing that takes over their lives and robs them from ever achieving their dreams. 
Because what most don’t realize is that your brain won’t let you unless you change the wiring and unless you do the work on your Brain. 

It’s all in the wiring!

We are each programed with beliefs both good and bad and these beliefs tell us what we can and can’t do in our lives as well as how we should feel each and every day. They were formed long ago yet, they’re directing you in your life today while overlapping your past with your present. And they can be dangerous as well as incredibly misguiding if you allow them to continue to guide you in your life. And although you couldn’t help this you CAN change this!
I’ve spent years studying the brain and core beliefs and what it takes to ACTUALLY change them. And what I’ve found is that it’s not just one thing rather a combination of steps that involve working with your brain and your ego in a way that will (no pun intended) blow your mind. This is a program that combines Psychology and Neuroscience to changing automatic responses and stuck habits of behavior. This is the Gold Mine Formula for getting unstuck.

This is Brain Work and when your done you’ll not only have your own personalized roadmap identifying you're blocking beliefs but also a step by step guide showing you exactly how you’ll remove them permanently!

Our greatest limitations are these undetected core beliefs diligently working behind the scenes, outside of your awareness yet, on your behalf. And while most know this information on a gut level going to therapy and diving into their past is just not something feasible to do.
As a Licensed Psychotherapist, EMDR specialist and Brain Training and Mindset Expert I’ve helped 1000s of people all over the world to move beyond these mental blocks and to go on to reach their full potential and overcome fear and self doubt by learning how to re-train their brain using my InSession program.

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So what exactly is InSession?

InSession is my Online Brain Training and Mindset Program which includes Audios, and Brain training Installations modeled after EMDR Treatment which include Bi-lateral audio tones to install core beliefs. And since some of you are visual learners I give you the session transcripts as well so you have everything you need in one place. InSession is a 16 session program that teaches you an approach using the constructs of psychology, plasticity, and neuroscience to change deeply engrained core beliefs that keep you from moving forward in your life.
It’s my complete InSession program known by many as a “Game Changer.”
Let me show you exactly what were going to do in our sessions together.

Session 1: Meet Dr. Mcayla 

In this session we will begin building the foundation that you and I will need in order to begin this journey together. I want you to know who I am, how I came to be an expert in the field of brain training and why I am so personally invested in your happiness and success. I also want you to know that I understand where your at and that I’ve been there but that it is absolutely possible to change these areas in your life, reach your goals, live your purpose, feel content, happy and able to receive all that the world is waiting to give you. 


Session 2: How InSession Works 

This session provides you an InSession overview. I give you a breakdown of the sequence of sessions and what’s included in each. I walk you through the entire experience, how it will look, feel, and what it will involve. I’ll explain what you’ll need to do step by step with tools to make this super easy.  

This overview is designed to prepare you for the program in its entirety so you’ll know exactly what to do to make this super impactful in your life. 
($300 Value) 

Session 3: Defining the Problem 

Our society is so focused on solutions that we never truly identify the problem. In this session we’ll be identifying the problem in its most authentic form. Additionally, you’ll learn a completely new and powerful approach to create the changes you're looking for in your life. In addition, you’ll learn techniques to accelerate this process and how to take full advantage of the work your about to do. 

($900 Value) 

Session 4: Core Beliefs 

In this session I’ve laid out specific steps to identify what negative beliefs you hold and which beliefs are actively working in your life today. It’s one thing to know we hold these beliefs but to have the opportunity to specifically identify your own is another. That is powerful! It makes everything in your life suddenly make sense. It explains stuck patterns, stuck behaviors, stuck feelings as well as why it’s been so hard to change certain areas of your life. 
This session gives you your own personal map. And it’ll put you in a position of authority as you go through this change. The formula I give you in this session works to not only broaden your frame of reference for what’s possible but to also create mini mental shifts in you're thinking which is how Core Beliefs change. And if you change one belief, your entire belief system must shift also to accommodate that change so you feel the difference with each shift that you make. Worksheet included. 

($900 Value)

Session 5: Mindset 

In this session we're going to talk about mindset and life scripts. I’ll demonstrate how we have different mindsets which hold particular life scripts for different areas, events, people, and places in our lives. And each mindset is scripted, meaning there is a script that goes with it full of rules on how we should be and think, with beliefs that we unconsciously take direction from. As a result, your mindset shifts into the script that was written for each event in your life. Changing these scripts is crucial to this process of changing beliefs so that you change the story of who you are supposed is to be into the story of what life could be like instead. Worksheet included. 

($900 Value)

Session 6: How Change Occurs 

In this session you’ll learn how change actually occurs and how our relationships play a large role in that change process. In addition, you’ll learn how to use this information to eliminate that battle in your head that contradicts what you know logically to be true. You’ll also learn how to change that inner dialogue and how to turn the volume down on the limiting voice and turn up the voice that you need to cheer you on in the end.  

($900 Value) Worksheet included. 

Session 7: The Conscious Mind 

In this session I dive deeper into explaining how your conscious mind is relationally structured and how you’ll change that structure by using powerful neurolinguistic techniques to counter in a way that goes beyond traditional self affirmation. This session will change the way you confront negative thoughts and teach you an approach that changes your thought process permanently! Worksheet included.  

($900 Value) 

Session 8: The Subconscious Mind 

In this session you’ll be guided through a process to identify specific parts of your personality. We have one personality with many parts. These parts represent your self doubt, insecurities, anger, anxiety, lack of confidence and all the automatic responses and automatic behaviors that hold you back. You’ll not only learn how powerful these parts play a role in your life each day but also how to identify yours specifically. This is an eye opening session that will change the way you understand yourself but others as well. These sessions are designed to become personal so that the work you do here goes beyond traditional approaches geared toward change. Worksheet included.  

($900 Value) 

Session 9: Living in the Memory 

In this session you will learn about self states as well as how you transition each day into different states of mind. This is key because different states hold different perceptions and our perception tells us how to respond from moment to moment. And if we are not constantly challenging our perception we run the risk of responding in ways that do us a disservice. This session dials in on perception and teaches you specific techniques to keep yours on point. Worksheet included. 

($900 Value)

Session 10: The illusion 

In this session I’m going to tell you things that will change the way you respond to challenges in your life. This session explains your responses as well as the pointless gains and losses to those responses. It will shift your perception in such a way that you will not only see yourself differently but also the world. Much like waking up from a dream you will become enlightened upon learning much of what you thought was real, is not. This session was the basis of my recent Tedx Talk and a powerful component to your process of change. Worksheet included.  

($900 Value) 

Session 11: The Bigger Picture 

In this session we will discuss your purpose and your message. Whether you have identified your purpose or not this session will help you feel confident that you have. Purpose involves taking what we’ve lived, learned then teaching others as a result. We all have a message to share yet, many don’t know what their message is. This session was designed to help you identify yours specifically. It was designed to support your ability to find meaning so that you can go on to live a purposeful life. Worksheet included.  

($900 Value)

Session 12: The Ultimate Goal 

Session eight walked you through the steps to identify your different parts of “Self.” This session teaches you how to recognize when a “Part” has actually stepped in. It will provide you a list of what to look for to keep your perception on point and teach you the steps to identify in “the moment” when a “Part” has stepped in so that you can do the work to not only have clarity in those moments but to train your brain to quiet these “Parts” from your daily experiences. This is the kind of work that creates change and the shifts you will feel are life changing. Worksheet included.  

($900 Value)

Sessions 13: Your Road Map

This session pulls everything together. Here we will summarize each session to help you take what you’ve learned to keep the momentum going. This session provides you an overall summary and specific steps to create your personalized road map moving forward.

This is years of therapy bundled into one program to equip you to better confront the challenges in your life and create the kind of change that is permanent!

Session 14-16: Brain Training Audios

Sessions 14-16 are your Brain Training audios. These audios are modeled after the concept of EMDR treatment which is a cutting edge form of treatment designed to remove negative core beliefs. It includes bi-lateral tones to activate the conscious and subconscious mind to in essence integrate the Ego. This process allows the logic you hold to integrate with the illogical thoughts you battle. The result is new core beliefs that work in your favor today. 

EMDR is currently considered to be the number one form of treatment by the American Psychiatric Association and the American Defense to change core beliefs. These audios will be powerful components to support you through this process. They are future focused so that you are not diving into your past and powerful components to your process and journey towards change.

($1500 Value)

Everyone deserves to be happy and achieve success. But that process doesn't need to cost you years in therapy nor 10s of 1000s of dollars. 

I made In-Session affordable so that everyone could have this experience. 

InSession is the culmination of three things, Effective, Simple and Affordable!

This is my personal invitation to you to join me and the 1000s of others who have gone on to dramatically change their lives!

And I’m so confident that you will experience the same transformation that so many others have that if you complete this program in its entirety and you still don’t notice a change just send in your completed work and your refund is guaranteed. And it doesn't end here! InSession also includes yearly updates to the program so that you receive the same benefits that those who come to see me in session do. And your membership never expires! Its time to make your life the best that it can be! Join me InSession today!

Order InSession today for the exclusive price of just $597! 

All 16 Sessions which include the audios, transcripts, and bi-lateral brain training installations are yours to use with a lifetime membership so why wait?

Just click on the link below and I’ll see you InSession today!


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