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Learn How to Instantly Change
your Life by Removing 

Limiting Core Beliefs!

Because even the healthiest of us have GREATNESS
inside us but to create the life you deserve requires Brain Work!

This is how those people you look up to are making life happen in their favor!

They’ve discovered that it takes more then traditional and inspirational strategies to change their lives. Instead they learned to change the brain’s wiring.

And as an EMDR Specialist and Brain Training and Mindset Expert I can tell you this is possible for anyone!

This is your invitation to go InSession with me

Many people will spend their lives trying to achieve personal greatness, get ahead and live their purpose yet instead find themselves stuck in the same old patterns that keep them from living the life they dream about. Yet what most don’t realize is your brain is holding you back!

It’s all in the wiring!

You’ve literally become programmed to respond and react to circumstances in your life a particular way which is why it’s been so hard for you to do things differently. And although you couldn’t help this you CAN change this!

I’ve spent years studying this phenomenon and how Psychology combined with Neuroscience not only explains why we get stuck but provides a map to change the wiring in the brain and changing automatic responses and habits of behavior.

You see, I use to also be “that person” who was stuck. And with many years of research then successfully treating people all over the world I’ve discovered the Gold Mine Formula for getting unstuck.

Its all Brain Work where you’ll Understand EXACTLY what your mental barriers are and how you’ll remove them permanently!

Our greatest limitations are undetected mental barriers that stay hidden outside of your awareness yet are fully guiding your life everyday. Yet, what most don’t realize is that these mental barriers are just bundles of information stored in a particular region of your brain. And each bundle stores within it a Core Belief that can and must be changed in order to change and better your life today!

As a Licensed Psychotherapist, EMDR specialist and Expert in the field of Brain Training I’ve helped 1000s of people all over the world to move beyond stuck places go on to reach their full potential and overcome fear and self doubt by learning how to re-train their brain using my InSession program.

So what exactly is InSession?

InSession is my 23 Session Online Audio and Video Program and since some of you are visual learners I give you the transcripts as well so you have everything you need in one place. InSession teaches you a one of a kind backdoor approach using the constructs of psychology, plasticity, and neuroscience to change deeply engrained core beliefs that are holding you back.

It’s my complete InSession program known by many as a “Game Changer.” Let me show you exactly what were going to do in our sessions together.

Session 1: Meet Dr. Mcayla
In this section we will begin building a foundation of trust between one another. I want you to know why I am so invested in your life. I also want you to know that I understand where your at and that I’ve been there but that it is possible to reach your goals, to live your purpose, to be content, happy and learn how to receive all that the world is waiting to give you. 
($300 Value)

Session 2: How InSession Works
This session provides you an InSession overview. I give you a breakdown of the sequence of sessions and what’s included in each. I walk you through the change you’ll experience, how it will look, feel, and what it will involve. I’ll explain what you’ll need to do, and give you the step by step tools to make this super easy.

This overview is designed to paint the picture so you’ll be able to recognize each change that happens along the way.

Here I open InSession up for you and allow you to see the nuts and bolts of the program. The more you understand what were doing the less time you spend preoccupied with whether or not it’s working as well the more engaged in this process you’ll be.
($300 Value)

Session 3: Container Exercise
In this section I’ll be teaching you a technique called the Container. The brain is so powerful that we actually have the ability to program positive information in and negative information out and then condition our brains to do this on its own.
($300 Value)

Session 4-7: Changing Beliefs
Here I’ve laid out the four specific steps to put you in charge of truly changing your beliefs. Here I’ll be explaining my Gold Mine Formula which includes four critical steps that will blow your mind! This formula will work to not only broaden your frame of reference for what’s possible but create mini mental shifts which is how Core Beliefs change. And if you change one belief, the entire belief system shift to accommodate that single change so you feel the difference with each session you take.
($1200 Value)

Session 8-10: Confidence
In this session we're going to talk about one of the MOST sought out traits, Confidence. Here I'll explain the biggest mistake people make when trying to increase their confidence so that you’ll avoid that same Confidence builder trap and go on to experience what you know to be true as also FEELING true! It’s all in the wiring!
($900 Value)

Session 11-13: Acceptance
In this session you’ll re-learn the trait of acceptance to remove the wiring in the brain that creates illusions that keep you stuck. This for part session will help you fully understand why you haven’t crossed that tipping point yet in your relationships, success, and your life.
($900 Value)

Session 14-16: Clarity
In this session I’m going to teach you how easy it is to increase your Clarity. I’m going to explain why you struggle with focus and staying on task and provide you the formula for removing what I call, “Neurological Clutter.”
Each of the three traits Confidence, Acceptance and Clarity were specifically chosen as part of the process for rewiring your brain to move beyond stuck points which you’ll understand more fully as you go through the InSession program in its entirety.
($900 Value)

Session 17-19: Brain Training Installations
Here is were the second part of your brain training begins! I want you to feel and notice how your automatic responses begin to change so I’ve added my “Brain Training Installations” to help you literally install the Confidence, Acceptance, and Clarity traits. You’ll be using cutting edge technology and bi-lateral movements based on the concept of EMDR to prompt those mental shifts that will impact your entire belief system. Remember, when a single belief changes your entire belief system changes also to accommodate that shift. Change one belief, you change them all!
($900 Value)

Session 20-23: Live Sessions
How many of you would like to be a fly on the wall in the office of a Brain Training Expert? Hearing these live sessions gives you the opportunity to be the client but without the expense! You’ll hear how I guide this process in a LIVE session in addition I’ve added my narratives to explain everything in detail.
You’ll hear me explain where certain thoughts we have come from and why those thoughts continue playing on repeat in our heads like a record skipping. You’ll observe throughout these sessions the client’s confidence increase, her acceptance change and her Clarity peak as a result of our work together. This is powerful stuff!
($1200 Value)

Session 24: Next Steps
In this session were going to talk about a future roadmap. Change can be difficult for some even if the change is positive. I want to help you to adjust and steer forward so you can continue to thrive.

InSession is a foundational brain training program and it's what I provide my highly Elite Intensive Clients who pay tens of thousands of dollars for five days of one-on-one training with me. Before that intensive work begins we’re in session together developing the same meta cognitive skills you’ve developed in InSession. But I want to challenge you to take this training to the next level so you will continue to move beyond the barriers that have previously only held you back.
($300 Value)

Session 25: Bonuses
Here I’ve added two live team coaching calls in which you’ll hear me discuss some of the most common psychological barriers many struggle with and how we move beyond them. Changing beliefs isn’t something you do in one day with positive affirmation and behavioral techniques. It is a change that requires working with the Brain and changing the way its operating on your behalf and outside of your awareness.

($600 Value) That’s over $7000 Value!

But it doesn't need to cost you years in therapy nor 10s of 1000s of dollars to be happy.

And everyone deserves to be happy!

To free themselves of that self critical voice, the self sabotage, self doubt, and irrational fears and that’s why I made In-Session affordable so that everyone could have this experience.

I’ve made InSession three things, Effective, Simple and Affordable!

Join the 1000s of others who have gone on to dramatically change their lives!

And did you know therapists don’t offer Money Back Guarantees? Well, I do! Because I stand behind this program.

And I’m so confident that you will experience the same transformation that so many others have that I guarantee you will notice the change or your money back!
Its time to make your life the best that it can be!


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