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We all struggle to overcome obstacles in our lives and we seek solutions in order to do so. And let’s face it there is no shortage of solutions available to us today. We are a solution saturated society and there is a solution to just about everything promising to give you answers and ultimately change your life. Yet, despite all your hard work and dedication those solutions never deliver that change.

There is a reason to explain this phenomenon that keeps most people searching throughout their entire lives. You see, we are so busy searching for solutions that we never really define the problem. THAT’S that problem!

But I want you to know that defining the real problem is possible for anyone to do. Because knowing your target changes the game. 

What if I could provide you a simple to use formula that has changed lives all over the world and specific to YOU and provide a solution to go with it to get you beyond those obstacles in your life?

It’s a lot easier than you would think. Take a look at the list below. Do you struggle with any of these obstacles in your life?

•   Confidence
•   Relationship issues
•   Low self Esteem
•   Fear
•   Insecurity
•   Stress
•   Mood swings
•   Addictions
•   Hard to break habits
•   Repetitive patterns of behavior
•   Clarity
•   Focus
•   Career blocks and many others.

If you answered yes, you're certainly not alone. And these are just a few examples of common obstacles most struggle to overcome however, these obstacles are NOT the problem.

The reason you haven’t found the answers you’ve been searching for is because you’ve misidentified the symptom as the problem.

These symptoms are the result of Negative Core Beliefs hidden and tucked away in your subconscious mind.

And identifying these beliefs is crucial because 95% of all your actions, feelings, and behaviors come from the beliefs stored away in your subconscious mind and your life is aligned to fit them. Most “solution focused” approaches available today to overcome our obstacles do not have the authority to override a Core belief. The good news is there is a simple way to determine what beliefs you maybe be holding. This is the formula I promised!

First, there is a big difference between what we KNOW to be true and what FEELS true. If a belief feels true despite what you know logically, it is a Core Belief.

Below is a list of Cognitions (Beliefs). This will provide your map and you're starting place to finding the right solution to overcome any obstacles in your life. Go through each of the 4 sections and read out loud each belief. Any belief that you KNOW to be true but doesn’t always FEEL true write down on a separate sheet of paper. Be very mindful to determine your answers by what you feel not what you know.


I deserve love
I am a good (loving) person
I am fine as I am
I am worthy; I am worthwhile I am honorable
I am love-able
I am deserving (fine/OK)
I deserve good things
I am (can be) healthy
I am fine (attractive/love-able) I can have (deserve....)
I am intelligent (able to learn) I am significant (important)
I am OK just the way I am
I deserve to live
I deserve to be happy
I am OK as I am


I did the best I could
I learned (can learn) from it
I do the best I can (I can learn)


I can be trusted
I can (learn to) trust myself
I can trust my judgement
I can choose whom to trust
I can (learn to) take care of myself
Its over, I am safe now
I can safely feel (show my emotions)
I can make my needs known
I can choose to let it out
I am safe


I am now in control I now have choices
I am strong
I can get what I want I can succeed
I can succeed
I can be myself
I can handle it
I am capable
I can choose whom to trust

Now, look over your list. What you have written down is the problem. And the obstacles you struggle to overcome in your life is how your brain is aligning your life to fit them. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy that will continue despite your best efforts but as promised I have the solution to follow now that you know where to begin. Behavioral approaches won’t work because they only address the symptoms. The approach i’m going to provide you addresses specifically the problem. This is the solution you’ve been looking for!

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