Success is a Journey, Not a Destination

The notion that "life is what you make it" is a true testament to how we live and view our day to day and moment to moment experiences.

When I was recently in the hospital recovering from a fire the Doctor asked me how I was doing. I replied that I was hanging in there while waiting for the next MRI, procedure, blood test and so forth. I was getting through each moment by stepping on stones, one after another, and only looking to the next stone to get me through from the one I was standing on.

The Doctor very eloquently advised me not to look to the next procedure to get me through because as you probably know hospitals, like any medical appointment, lacks time constraints. There is always a wait and usually a long one.

He assured me this would make my hospital experience treacherous. So I let go and once I redirected my focus, the moments were less urgent. The urgency lessened as well as the pain.

Life is very much the same.

When we white knuckle moment to moment, task to task, goal to goal we train ourselves to think in terms of survival. Our emotions heighten and relief becomes only a direct result of reaching and completing the very next task.

We miss out on life this way because we become so hyper focused on relief only as it pertains to accomplishments.

Take a step back and accept the fact that life is much like a Doctors appointment. You're not on your time, you're on life's time. You can't rush it anymore than you can rush an 8am Doctors appointment to happen at 8am.

Let go of that grip and focus instead on the overall journey. This is how we change survival thinking and truly learn what it feels like to live!

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God Bless!
~Dr Mcayla