Measuring Trust

Trust, such a crucial trait in every relationship. But without it we can never feel emotionally safe nor vulnerable so a lasting connection can never happen. But how are we determining whether we can trust someone in our life?
What marker or gage measures such an ideal and crucial trait in a person?
For many it is a matter of perception based on what they perceive. But from a discolored lens of someone who has been hurt or disappointed in the past perception can be very skewed because it is a perception of what they believe or want to believe and influenced by their beliefs.
However, just as children learn to trust adults the most accurate way to identify trust is through 'Consistency.'
It's how I've learned to trust those close in my life and how my own clients learn to trust in me.
Consistent behavior over time reveals the level of trust we can expect from one another.
So if trust is something you struggle with look for "Consistency" and you will have a much healthier measure to help you build the strong and lasting relationships in your life!

Here's to Living!

~Dr Mcayla