Don't Let Rejection Get the Best of You!

One of our biggest mental blocks is that of fearing rejection. So why is it that we can feel so confident, yet, still find ourselves inhibited by the possibility of rejection?

Rejections are the most common psychological injury we encounter in daily life. They range in 'potency' from mild (such as when friends fail to like our Facebook posts), to truly devastating (such as being blindsided by divorce or being shunned by our families).

But certain rejections actually hurt making it more difficult to overcome them. Here’s why: There are two types of regions in the brain, one is associated with the 'distress' of physical pain, an affective (emotional) component, and the other, with the physical sensation of pain, a somatic (sensory) component.

Those rejections that activate both regions are those that feel most meaningful (personal) a direct result of a negative core belief at work. People whose self-esteem is lower will experience rejection as more painful, (literally) and it'll take them a little longer to get over it. Those who have higher self-esteem tend to be more resilient.

One exercise to help you avoid letting rejection get the best of you is, using a new job as an example. First, make a list of five qualities you possess that an employer would find valuable. For instance, are you dependable? Are you consistent? Are you willing to learn? Then, choose one of these qualities, and write one or two paragraphs about why this particular quality is important and why it would be meaningful to another person.

Studies show that when you do that and remind yourself of your worth, then you are more resilient to rejection that comes thereafter. And as you continue to work on your mental blocks keep in mind the next time you experience a rejection that the pain you feel does not mean you are unworthy or lack value, it just means you're wired that way. Remember, false beliefs are everywhere. Go back to what you know to be the truth and reminding yourself what defines you is not the choices of others rather the kind of person you are today.

Fight the lies, Find the truth. God Bless
~Dr Mcayla
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