11 Excuses Holding You Back from Finding Your Purpose

The secret to living a happy and fulfilling life has very little to do with "stuff" and more to do with you. But many people find themselves held back and unable to move forward in the journey to achieve their goals and find their purpose in life.

This article is all about the excuses that are holding us back from finding our true purpose.

Excuse #1: There’s not enough time...

What this excuse says: The person is lacking passion, focus, discipline and direction. Their priorities are out of sorts and they have poor time management. They lack of value for their time.

Overcoming this excuse is about motivation, re prioritizing and finding the will to make time.

Excuse #2: There’s not enough money...

Don’ t consider money to be a priority. If you are always looking for an easy way to make money, then you don’ t have the desire, determination, persistence or patience to work hard to achieve financial security.

You may lack strategy or ideas that could help you reach your financial objectives. If it’s ideas and strategy you’ re lacking, then go out there and read a few books, get a mentor or a financial coach who can help you gain the necessary knowledge and understanding you need to succeed financially.

Excuse #3: I don’t have an education...

This excuse means that you lack creativity, inspiration and desire. In addition, it would seem that you also lack a willingness to work hard and go the extra mile to put in a little more effort into achieving your objectives — despite your lack of knowledge.

There are many multi-millionaires and billionaires who have nothing more than a high school education. Some don’ t even have that. However, they were creative, had desire and were willing to work harder than anyone else to achieve their goals and objectives.

A lack of a degree is not a good enough reason to wait on your dreams.

Excuse #4: I’m too old or young...

This excuse shows you lack understanding, confidence or perspective. Men and women of all ages have achieved great things. Therefore, you are never too old or too young to attain your goals and objectives.

It might be a little more difficult, which means that you may need to be more persistent, creative and open yourself up to a greater array of experiences and opportunities.

Alternatively, your age could actually work to your advantage. It just depends on your perspective and your ability to think flexibly about your circumstances.

Learn from your failures and mistakes, gain understanding and confidence from your experience, and this will soon shift your perspective about what’ s possible to achieve.

Excuse #5: I don’t know how...

You lack belief and confidence in your own abilities. It also means that you haven’ t taken the time to practice, learn, or to gain the experience or education necessary to“ know what to do.” 

This excuse is really very easy to combat. Simply LEARN how to do what you want to do by reading books, by gaining practical experience, by asking for help, etc.

Only by making mistakes over and over again will you eventually discover what works or doesn’t work for you. From there, simply adjust your strategy and approach, and you will very quickly discover that you finally know what to do.

Excuse #6: I can’t change...

This excuse says you lack motivation and reason to change. Moreover, this suggests that you lack emotional pain that would help you to accelerate change.

When it comes to our motives and desires we are always pulled forward by the desire for pleasure, or pushed forward by the desire to avoid pain. If you don’ t believe you can change, the reason for this is that you simply haven’ t associated enough pain to NOT changing.

Once you begin to look at all the dire consequences that will result from NOT making a change, then you will soon realize that the motivation was always there.

Ask yourself:
If I don’t make this change, how will this affect my life in the weeks, months and years ahead?

What am I likely to miss out on?

How am I going to feel?

How is this going to affect my relationships with others?

How will this affect my health?

How will this affect my career prospects?

What other negative consequences could result from not making this change?

After writing down all the negative consequences, now make a list of all the great things that could potentially occur if you did decide to make a change today.

Ask yourself:

If I make this change, what could the potential benefits be?

How will I feel?

How will others feel?

How will my life improve today, next week, next month and in the years to come?

What other positive benefits could result from making this change?

Excuse #7: I’m afraid to fail...

Means you lack understanding, confidence, knowledge and experience. Anthony Robbins once said that fear is nothing more than “ False Evidence Appearing Real” .

It’s our perspective of fear that frightens us and prevents us from moving forward. However, once we gain knowledge and understanding about the thing we fear, then that is the moment we build enough
confidence to move forward and gain some experience.

Subsequently with enough ‘ experience’ under our belt, we develop even greater self-confidence that will propel us through our fears and towards the attainment of our goals and objectives.

Also consider that the road to success is always paved with obstacles, challenges and problems. Along this path everyone makes mistakes.

However, those who fail are those who simply give up and excuse their life away. Persist, persevere and resist the temptation to give into your excuses, gain the necessary knowledge, understanding and experience, and slowly but surely your self-confidence will propel you past your fears and towards your goals and objectives.

Excuse #8: It’s not the right time...

Means you lack perspective, information and resources. Sometimes it’ s simply not the right time to take action. However, more often than not this is just a lame excuse that indicates you lack perspective or you simply don’ t have the necessary resources to deal with the circumstances at hand.

Therefore, your first objective is to acquire the necessary resources you need that will help you to attain your desired outcome. Once your resources are in place, you may still need to gather more information about your predicament, which will help you to transform your perspective.

The moment these items are checked off your list, you will soon find that the right time is always, right NOW!

Excuse #9: I have to plan thoroughly first...

This excuse suggests you’re lacking perspective or you’re simply paralyzed by fear. There’ s nothing wrong with planning for the future, or taking the time to lay out a clear plan of action. However, if planning is all you do, then this indicates that there might be underlying fears that are preventing you from moving forward.

Identify and overcome these fears and subsequently you will overcome your need for over-planning.

Excuse #10: It won’t work...

You lack self-belief, motivation, creativity, patience, perspective and persistence. All of these qualities are essential if you desire to eventually make things work.

In fact, these qualities are absolutely essential for every-thing of value that you want to create in your life.

Excuse #11: I’m not inspired...

Means you’ve got poor habits which lead to a lack of discipline. Think about what kind of habits you indulge in on a daily basis and about your typical routine and the rituals you partake in throughout the day.

More often than not you will find that inspiration isn’t a problem if you simply take the time to transform how you go about your day.

For instance, a lack of sleep could be causing you to feel tired which leads to a lack of inspiration. If we dig a little deeper, we could find that it’s your diet that’ s causing your sleepless nights, or that your lack of sleep is a result of not getting enough exercise throughout the week.

Moreover, maybe you’re simply not getting enough exercise because you’re working longer hours then usual and therefore don’t have time to allocate for exercise.

There are many habits and scenarios that could be brought forth here. However, the important thing to remember is that a lack of inspiration is often due to many interrelated factors that at first may seem unrelated. However, the deeper we dig, the more patterns we will find, and the more patterns we find the more likely we are to identify where our lack of inspiration stems from.

If you find yourself using any of these excuses, you are standing in your own way. But there is hope and you can learn to change these negative beliefs in order to live the life you always dreamed. 

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~Dr Mcayla